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How often have you said,

a few

extra hours

in the day…”

“If I just had

To the go-getters who have big ideas, but not the big blocks of time to make it happen…

To the busy professional whose work takes priority over the details that make life that much more organized, interesting, and fulfilling…

And to those who are stretched thin, and sometimes secretly wonder if it’s possible to have it all… 

and still be sane.

I’m here to tell you

You just need an extra set of trustworthy hands!

it’s all possible

Hi there, I’m Cathi

I’m the partner you can count on

to make things happen!

There’s something empowering about taking the time to get crystal clear on your vision and goals, to know exactly where you want to spend your time and energy. True power comes when you can stand firm and not let anything or anyone stand in your way.

I’m no stranger to the challenges of balancing work and family, the never-ending to-do list spinning around in your head, feeling as if there is never enough time, and longing for just a little peace of mind.


Several years ago after an unexpected transition, I took the time to reassess what really mattered to me. I got clarity around my values and priorities, implemented some new time management techniques, and learned to get comfortable with not doing everything myself – GASP, I know, but a true game changer.

Through this experience, I developed a strong desire to help others do the same – to experience the true difference between living a life full of have-tos and must-dos, to living a life feeling supported and more focused on the people and things that matter most.

In 2014, I started InSync with You to help other busy professionals get comfortable with doing less and accomplishing more, to help them create an empowered home life with more quality interaction and way fewer distractions, and to ultimately help them have peace of mind that is not only possible but achievable as well.

So, to all of you go-getters, and busy professionals, we invite you to get to know us and experience the magic of letting go!


Support & Solutions for

Living Your Way

You know that instant feeling of relief when you put down a heavy bag you’ve been carrying for waaaay too long?

THAT’S what we do at
InSync with You
every day….

Our supportive, tailored solutions allow you to reclaim your precious time, make your daily routine more than just “manageable”, and fill the gaps allowing you to elevate your vision of a fulfilling life.

In other words, we are the secret weapon you need to lighten the load… so you can breathe easier knowing you are fully supported!

It doesn’t matter how large, small, quirky, or personalized the task…

You can count on InSync with You to align with your vision, pay attention to every detail, and exceed all of your expectations.

Did You Know?

…We brought in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band for an unforgettable, invite-only private party.


A client reached out to InSync with You with a very exciting idea… She wanted to go all-out for her husband’s 50th birthday bash and bring in one of his favorite bands for a private concert and celebration.

We collaborated on her vision for the event, set up the dressing rooms, and even arranged to shut down an entire venue for the performance!

No detail was overlooked… We created custom invitations, added thoughtful gifts to each hotel room, and made sure the band was well taken care of.

Talk about an evening to remember!

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