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From a Place of Chaos to a Space of Refuge – InSyncWithYou

From a Place of Chaos to a Space of Refuge

From a Place of Chaos to a Space of Refuge
May 20, 2020 No Comments » Concierge Services,Home Management,Lifestyle Management,Project Management CathiB

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you felt so exhausted and overwhelmed, juggling life’s demands, that you lost your ability to focus along with your ability to keep your emotions in check? It’s difficult to manage all of our regular commitments, not to mention the unexpected life shifts that we experience over time. It’s a challenging way to live, yet for many of us this is the norm.  

In my role as a lifestyle manager, my goal is to help my clients live their lives more by design and less by default. Below is a wonderful example of what life can look like when you decide to get intentional about living your best life.

I had the pleasure of meeting someone a little over a year ago at a business networking event for women. I distinctly remember the look in her eyes when I introduced myself and told her about my business. It was familiar. I see it often when I meet someone who is showing up as a bad ass boss babe, but struggling to keep it together underneath. She requested a business card and laughingly said as we parted ways, “I may be calling you”. Ten days later, she did.

When we spoke, she shared with me that the day after meeting me she had coffee with a friend – someone she had met and connected with in a local leadership program (who unbeknownst to her was an InSync with You client). As they settled in, she suddenly felt overcome with emotion and confided in her friend about how overwhelmed she was feeling – juggling the demands of her professional role, along with her role as a single mom to two very active and extra curricular involved boys. She had hit a breaking point. Her friend first acknowledged that she too had felt very much the same way several months earlier. She shared the stress she had been experiencing as she navigated a life transition, tried to focus on her high level role within her company, while also striving to remain engaged as an active parent managing her household. It had gotten to be too much and she decided to seek help. She found InSync with You via an online search and reached out. By taking on projects and removing things from her plate, she was able to go from a state of chaos to a sense of order. She highly recommended her friend give me a call. When she reached out to me, she described our meeting as “meant to be.”

After our conversation, I set up the initial in person meeting. Upon entering her home, she motioned for me to sit at the bar area and as I made my way there, she excitedly slid a key to her home toward me! The decision had been made. The trust factor had been established. She was so ready to offload the stress she had been carrying around.

New windows!

When our meeting was over and a plan was in place, I taken aback at how visibly different she appeared – more relaxed and smiling – just having someone to support her and knowing she had a plan had done wonders in reducing her stress.

Fast forward to just over a year from our first meeting, we have completed all of her initial home projects and a few others that were added over time. We’ve completely knocked out the handyman list of repairs and we now have a plan in place that allows us to proactively care for her home while freeing her up to enjoy her time with her boys. On my most recent home visit to check in on a project that was wrapping up, she stepped outside with a big smile on her face. I said, “Your home looks amazing”, to which she replied, “I know! Even better, it feels amazing!.”

Window installation

I love everything about this story – especially the fact that there’s no ending! This client recognized the importance of having a resource that can help share the load when life tries to get ahead of her. She is no longer willing to compromise time spent with her boys and most importantly her peace of mind.

If you are feeling stressed with all that you have going on in your life, don’t compromise your mental and physical health by trying to manage on your own. Reach out and find resources that help free you up (physically and mentally) and get your life back on track.In addition to utilizing resources to help you get things done, here are some tips that can help you reduce stress and maintain calm through challenging times:

  1. Get the best and most sleep that you can
  2. Pray and/or Meditate
  3. Maintain a healthy diet
  4. Take one day at a time
  5. Exercise – move your body (even if it’s just 15 minutes per day)
  6. Get outside – take in fresh air when you can
  7. Remember the importance of yes (self-care) and the power of no (over-commitment)




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